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Tropical Style Home Decorating Tips


Tropical style home decor is currently one of the most popular trends. With keywords like simplicity, comfort, and tranquility, the Tropical style has the power to bring “nature into your home”. If you’re considering decorating your home in this style or want to “keep up with the world’s trends”, don’t miss out on this article!

What is Tropical Style?

Tropical style draws inspiration from sunny and windy tropical regions, lush forests, and endless beaches. It’s like transporting yourself to the most relaxing and refreshing paradisiacal islands. It is free-spirited, familiar, yet maintains a modern essence, making it a unique feature of this home decor style.

Tropical style home decor often involves nature-themed elements such as palm leaves, ferns, and seabirds. With this style, green is the dominant color palette – the green of the sky, the green of the forests and vegetation. What’s special about this style is that you’re not limited when it comes to color coordination. Light, gentle or deep, bold color palettes are equally favored.

Getting Started with Tropical Style Decorating with Simple Steps

Tropical is the latest decor trend, capturing the hearts of young people worldwide. However, it’s not a difficult style to implement. If you want to “color” your cozy home, just keep the following details in mind.

Walls in Tropical Style

Walls in Tropical Style

When decorating your home with Tropical colors, the perfect combination of furniture is a radiant highlight for your home’s space. Therefore, the walls should be decorated simply. You can paint the walls white or use single-color wallpaper.

However, as you may know, tropical architecture doesn’t have many restrictions or limitations. If you want, you can choose simple furniture and make the walls the highlight with colorful wallpaper or directly paint beautiful decorative patterns.

Tropical Style Home Decor with Wood, Rattan, Bamboo, and Reed

Tropical Style Home Decor with Wood, Rattan, Bamboo, and Reed

Wood is seen as an essential material for Tropical style interior design. Using wooden furniture (tables, chairs, mirrors with wooden frames, etc.) or rattan, bamboo, and reed is quite popular today. This helps establish harmony and simplicity in your living space.

Wooden Floors – Enhancing the “Tropical” Flavor for Your Home

In tropical regions, the climate is hot, sunny, windy, and very humid. Therefore, wooden floors are a popular choice. The tropical-style decor is thus influenced by this.

Greenery – Essential Item in Tropical Style Home Decor

Indoor plants are seen as an endless source of inspiration for Tropical design. Indoor plants like snake plants, Norfolk Island pines, aloe vera, cacti… if logically combined, can create your own “miniature forest”.

Adding a Bit of Tropical Style Decor

Believe it or not, a bit of decor can also make your space more vibrant and very Tropical.


Tropical Rugs

Natural fiber neutral-colored rugs are a perfect choice for a tropical-style living space.

Rattan Lamps – A Touch of Simplicity and Warmth

If you want a relaxing, quiet but luxurious space, rattan lamps are a very “classy” idea.

Tropical-themed Paintings

Tropical-themed Paintings

Bamboo Plate Wall Decor – a bit of vintage

Bamboo Plate Wall Decor

Macrame – Adding a Bit of Boho Freedom


Why Choose Tropical Style for Home Decor?

It’s not random that the world is “fascinated” with decorating homes in a tropical style. The overwhelming pressures of life and society’s many troubles make us tired. But many people feel comfortable and stress-relieved when immersed in nature. And Tropical style has achieved this.

The standout advantages of this style include:

  • Relaxing, comfortable, and liberating space.
  • Simplicity with easy-to-decorate furniture.
  • Variety in combination and creativity.
  • Practical, suitable for modern, busy lifestyles.
  • Suitable for various spaces: homes, offices, cafes, hotels,…

You should exercise certain restraint when using and combining decorative items. The important thing is to create harmony in the overall room, avoiding the case of being overly ambitious which can lead to a stuffy space!

Above are some tips and suggestions from galleryincorkstreet.com for decorating your home in the Tropical style. We hope this article will be useful to you!

If you love this style, follow our upcoming articles to get the latest home decorating tips!

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